Author: Reagan

De Moines, NM rest stop

This rest stop had a great amount of outdoor area. The outdoor amenities include many picnic benches, four restrooms in total, and a covered area displaying some history upon the site. A negative on this site is that the restrooms were dirty and had flies everywhere. The restrooms were clearly not usually taken care of as they should have been.

Before the TX to WA trip

Now, you always have to be ready for anything before you leave on your trip. For me, I gather my favorite foods and any devices I would like to have with me. This adventure will be a road trip, so I will have a paper map and, with my phone, finding fun and exciting places to stop. I will be posting about every single stop I make and if it was good or not. Below […]

The Bitty Bliss

The Bitty Bliss is a wonderful tiny home BnB that I spent my time in when I wasn’t at Disney World. Even though it was small, the Bitty Bliss was welcoming, fun, and a great experience. There are many other tiny homes in its community that you can spend time in. I would personally visit the Bitty Bliss again and I recommend this tiny home to you and to others.